rudythehedgehog2013 asked:
What is your favorite episode of danny phantom ??

Oh, this is a hard question! I actually haven’t seen like 2 episodes of it because it never came on tv and I got out of my DP phase before I had the time to watch the episodes off my computer since I downloaded them all. But of the majority I’ve seen, The Ultimate Enemy is probably my favorite. 

I haven’t seen Reign Storm (2x04/2x05), oh and that’s it. Wow I thought there was another one I haven’ seen but I guess not. So without thinking of that episode, The Ultimate Enemy is my favorite. Dark Danny and the whole future thing was just awesome, and so refreshing to see a new big evil bad guy other than Vlad be so powerful. 

I do like the episode Reality Trip(2x17/2x18) and the episode Fanning the Flames(1x11) a lot too. 

Themes of Danny Phantom: Friendship

Witty Banter During Combat: Danny Phantom Style

↳ 1x04: Attack of the Killer Garage Sale [13/?]

"And that’s enough for one day!"

So Danny, you and your little friends want to hunt ghosts?

Themes of Danny Phantom: Mind Control


The best of friends lol

Witty Banter During Combat: Danny Phantom Style

↳ 1x03: One of a Kind [12/?]

Danny learns a gorilla’s language and uses it for sassing purposes.

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Do u want the url dannysphandom? So you're url but without the s at the end

Oh well I haven’t thought about it much, but yeah that would be totally awesome to have!